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Keepers Land Planning is an urban planning and consulting company with over 15 years of experience in commercial, residential, and multi-family development. We specialize in residential new builds and commercial developments. We have experience working with the City of Austin and the surrounding suburbs. The firm enjoys working with builders and engineers to facilitate the permitting process. We are known by real estate agents as the “Code Whisperer” for the City of Austin. We are creative with code and work well with each of our clients, regardless of how difficult their individual needs are.

Keepers Land Planning provides developers with a trusted project manager to facilitate their projects. We walk our clients through the entire development process from land review, platting, site plan, and the construction application process to a completed project. Whether the development is on vacant land or is a complete teardown, the process is simple. Our team provides land feasibility based on the land use, market value, zoning, and city/county ordinances.

Our professionals are well connected with Austin’s land development network. We coordinate the surveyor, architect, civil and structural engineer, interior designer, and builder that are the best fit for the project. We always save our clients money by using local professionals rather than large firms with more overhead.

Keepers Land Planning takes away all the busy work so you can concentrate on your business.  To help you accomplish your development goals and hit your sales target is in our best interest. Our project manager works with a team of experts to organize and streamline all processes.

By providing a walk-through service for our residential clients, we determine the most optimal use of their property.  Ricca Keepers walks a property with the client and provides advice specific to the city of Austin’s codes, including all zoning restrictions, the permitting process, setbacks, ADU’s, utilities, and floodplains to name a few.

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