Commercial Permits and Rezoning

We know how to expedite commercial permits for your clients in an efficient way.  Keepers Land Planning works with several builders and property managers expediting their permits.  We have several clients that are loyal to us as a result of our honesty.  We have a reputation with the City of Austin as being honest with the planners in the City so they reciprocate that respect.  We are able to get approvals for our clients.  We do physically meet with the City and submit applications.  We are selective about the clients we work for.

Our team has over 9 years of experience with rezoning and commercial applications.  When a new business needs their certificate of occupancy they come to us for help.  For instance, a new tenant is moving into a leased space and the previous tenant had a different land use.  More specifically if the space use is changing from financial services to retail the City of Austin requires a change of use.  The City of Austin has several departments that a change of use is processed through.  We have relationships with the City of Austin that have taken us years to build and we are typically able to cut the processing time in half.  Once step one is accomplished then we file for the commercial application that is 7 business days.

We know the planners that review commercial permits for approval.  We receive the building permit for each client in a timely manner.  As professionals, we are honest, upfront, and take on projects that fit within the City of Austin’s requirements.  Keepers Land Planning has a reputation for honesty and integrity.  We communicate upfront to the client if the project is permittable so we take on projects that are achievable.

As an expeditor, it is our responsibility to process your application and verify the drawings meet the cities’ standards.  We then coordinate any comments the cities return to us and make sure the designers respond to each comment properly.  We keep the city accountable for their timeframe as well until the building permit is approved.  Once approved we then hand over the building permit to you and your general contractor and our job is done.

Commercial Project Management

Our Mission is to “Keep your Development on Time”

We have a reputation and support the Austin small business by working with the owners throughout their new development.  With each client the scope and projects are different yet intricate, each project has a customized workflow provided by your coordinator. Whether you are the new business needing a tenant finish-out or a developer wanting to build a mixed-use Commercial Retail space you’ve come to the right team.

We ask and answer the questions that many don’t think to ask… we are known as “Code Whispers”. That is where Keepers Land Planning, is different we understand the code of ordinances and how each city looks at permits.

As the project coordinators, we provide a full scope of services from the beginning – determining the land’s best and highest use through the land feasibility phase. To end- Handing over the Certificate of Occupancy once completed.  We have saved clients $60,000 in civil engineering costs alone.  As the project coordinators, we take the caring costs down by keeping vendors accountable for pricing.  We provide expert advice from licensed and skilled engineers. We procure vendors with a reputation of being good at what they do, at lower rates than corporate firms.

The client has consistent communication concerning the project.  We work diligently with the clients on strategic planning, budget, and cost flow.  We are transparent about pricing throughout the process.

We know how each step is crucial to achieving success and we are here to help you “Keep your Development on Time.”