Residential Walkthrough

Whether you are on a budget or just need advice Keepers Land Planning has the experience to educate you through the development process.  Our planners specialize in Austin. There are a number of restrictions and multiple zones that make it hard to develop in Austin. An example of this is building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or tiny home in your back yard for extra income. We have helped many of our clients through the entire process. Something we take pride in is telling you if your goals are realistic in your budget.

We started the residential consultations at the request of Realty Austin. There is an ongoing demand for urban planner experts specializing in development. Realtors are not land planners they are experts in selling your home but not developing it. These realtors asked us to start working with each client who needs sound advice. It is difficult for people to go to the city and ask the right questions about their development. Planners have a certain language and it’s based on the code of ordinances in that city. We understand the code and understand what each client is trying to accomplish. We are able to take your goals and tell you how to accomplish them the right way through strategic planning and the permitting process.

When there are additional restrictions that could hinder your development, we will tell you.  We have saved clients the heartache from purchasing a property that was not a good fit for their development plans. Items that hinder development range from zoning, Neighborhood Planning areas, Edwards Aquifer, impervious coverage restrictions, small lot amnesty zone, utility capacity, and the maximum number of units on a property.  Schedule your consultation today!

Residential Permits

We know how to expedite residential permits for new construction, ADU’s, remodels, duplexes, and the like.  Anytime you are moving a window or adding a door there are structural requirements before a building permit is approved. There are many types of applications the city provides and depending on the scope of work will determine which application you use.

If you are simply enclosing your garage to create an extra room where do you start? There are several aspects of the code to review before determining the types of professionals you need to hire. This particular example is a remodel with added structural changes so you will need a structural engineer and an architect to prepare the appropriate drawings for the formal submittal. It is crucial to disclose all of the work in your application and have your general contractor stick to the approved plans. The City of Austin is reasonable and they will work with you if you have hired those who know the code. The City of Austin sees people change their plans frequently.

Keepers Land Planning works with several builders and property managers expediting their permits. We have several clients that are loyal to us as a result of our honesty. We have a reputation with the City of Austin as being honest with the planners in the City so they reciprocate that respect. We are able to get approvals for our clients. We do physically meet with the City and submit applications. We are selective about the clients we work for.

As an expeditor, it is our responsibility to process your application and verify the drawings meet the cities’ standards. We then coordinate any comments the cities return to us and make sure the designers respond to each comment properly. We keep the city accountable for their timeframe as well until the building permit is approved. Once approved we then hand over the building permit to you and your general contractor and our job is done.

Helpful Tips!

There are several ways things you can do without getting a permit but be careful you can get fined from the code compliance depending on the scope of work you are completing. A good place to start is that is a City of Austin site with helpful tips.

You can also call and speak with one of our land planners and get a quote today!

Residential Project Management  

Our team of planners and project coordinators has a wealth of knowledge in development.  We have a very long vendor list of architects, CAD designers, civil engineers, landscape architects, and builders they are hand-picked for their quality of work, integrity, and prices.  We choose designers with many years of experience specifically in the City of Austin, surrounding suburbs, and Travis or Williamson County.  We teach new investors how to coordinate the entire development project.  Our team saves clients an average of $20,000 on each project.